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    • Effect of the image resolution on the statistical descriptors of heterogeneous media. 

      Ledesma Alonso, Rene; Barbosa Pool, Gliserio Romeli; Ortegon Aguilar, Jaime Silverio (American Physical Society, 2018)
      The characterization and reconstruction of heterogeneous materials, such as porous media and electrode materials, involve the application of image processing methods to data acquired by SEM or other microscopy techniques. ...
    • Material phase classification by mears of Support Vector Machines. 

      Ortegon Aguilar, Jaime Silverio; Ledesma Alonso, Rene; Barbosa Pool, Gliserio Romeli; Vazquez Castillo, Javier; Castillo Atoche, Alejandro Arturo (Elsevier, 2018)
      The pixel's classi_cation of images obtained from random heterogeneous materials is a relevant step to compute their physical properties, like E_ective Transport Coecients (ETC), during a characterization process as ...